Adaptiv seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of automotive and transportation products and services while creating added value for end customers, businesses, and governments. Guided by a systems perspective, Adaptiv offers cross-domain strategies for speeding commercialization of advanced vehicle technologies.

Adaptiv Consulting offers a variety of services to a wide range of clients in need of objective, independent subject matter expertise in personal and e-mobility solutions and markets. Adaptiv has developed a comprehensive understanding of the current state of technological development in enabling technologies and an extensive network of subject matter experts.  Past clients include BP, Toyota, Bajaj Auto (India’s second largest vehicle manufacturer) as well as a number of start-up companies. Our proximity to California’s seat of government in Sacramento and our unique relationship with the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis allows us to tap into a vast base of knowledge and know-how. Whether you are a passenger vehicle manufacturer, alternative mobility provider, a fleet manager, a transit authority, or a developer of advanced transportation technologies, Adaptiv has the expertise and experience to identify cleaner, sensible solutions while improving your bottom line.

Assessment and Analysis
Vehicle data collection and analysis, feasibility studies, emissions modeling, transportation technology assessment, sustainable mobility assessment, fleet penetration forecasting, full cost-benefit analysis, and fueling infrastructure needs assessment.

Technology Demonstration
Strategic brokering, technology development and program management services for the demonstration of advanced transportation technologies including plug-in vehicles, clean fuels, hybrid systems, fuel cells, innovative mobility programs, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Policy and Implementation Planning
In-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations, development of site-specific energy, transportation, and environmental policies, incentives and comprehensive implementation planning for clean transportation technologies. Our capabilities include:

▪   Strategic assessment of emissions, alternative fueling/charging, and plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle markets

▪   Consumer research

▪   Policy formulation and stakeholder brokering

▪   Scenario analysis to evaluate and identify robust emissions compliance strategies

▪   Decision analysis to develop highest-value compliance plans

▪   Alternative fuel and Electric Vehicle infrastructure siting

▪   Implementation and communication strategies

▪   Regulatory negotiations and filings

▪   Emissions trading support